Treatments Specials

The IPIRANGA spindles with special treatments guarantee us a great experience in the nuclear, aeronautical, harbour and airport sectors, becoming world-renowned in the indicated sectors.

The phosphate spindles to the manganese IPIRANGA, have an alloy material that consists of nickel and molybdenum. This, together with our surface treatment based on chemical layer of manganese phosphates, ensures reliable protection against wet and/or saline environments.

The main difference between the phosphate spindles to the IPIRANGA manganese and the stainless spindles is that the stainless steels denominated as corrosion resistant are alloys with an iron base of at least 50%, therefore, a submerged or exposed stainless spindle in wet environments will present oxidation due to its composition. In addition, the dynamic load capacity of a stainless spindle is lower.

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